not just a game

Secrets appear and touch minds My Dynamo

Хит с последнего альбома Джонни Марра (the Smiths, Modest Mouse и куча других культовых банд британского инди-рока) с таким родным названием.

Текст, для дотошного читателя:


You know all my past is blurred

A vision in glass

You made a place for me in you

And you're a living thing

Some kind of fantasy alone

Neon and lights

Now appearing to me in the view

Some divine illusion calls

Now I'm here to belong

Whisper to me

Come inside


Arise in emptiness


Appear now touch minds

My Dynamo

Dreamer serene come inside


You are invited

Secrets that we won't deny

Sky high


Everybody believe it

You're an actual wonder

Somebody's reached me

And it's now my turn

I'm a mad believer

Turn the alchemy on me

On the sidewalk beaches

We play like the sun

Secrets appear and touch minds


Climb the emptiness

Secrets appear

Come outside

It's alright


Whisper to me


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